Best Paper of Session (BPOS) Winners 2014

Session: 1-A INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Phaco Techniques and Technology
Notches and Flanges: Next Pupil-Dilating Device
Suven Bhattacharjee, MS, DO

Follow-up of Endothelial Cell Loss After Explantation of Iris-Claw IOL
Jean-Michel Bosc, MD
Coauthor: Alexandre Saint-Jean, MD

Session: 1-C INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Presbyopia–Correcting IOLs
Multi-Center Observational Registry: Clinical Experience With Polyfocal Bioanalogic IOL
Pavel Stodulka, MD, PhD
Coauthor: Juraj Urminsky, MD, PhD

Session: 1-D CORNEA Crosslinking
Regional and Anisotropic Changes in Stromal Diffusivity After Corneal CXL With Riboflavin and UVA Light
George O. Waring IV, MD, FACS
Coauthors: Richard G. Hepfer, BS, Changcheng Shi, PhD, Hai Yao, PhD

Session: 1-E KERATOREFRACTIVE Topography, Keratometry, Pachymetry
Comparison of Keratometry Measurements With Scheimpflug, Placido Disc, and Manual Keratometry in Patients With Normal and Suspicious Topography
Claudia E. Perez-Straziota, MD
Coauthor: J. Bradley Randleman, MD

Session: 1-F KERATOREFRACTIVE Presbyopia
Computer-Animated Model of Accommodation and Presbyopia
Daniel B. Goldberg, MD

Session: 1-G RETINA
Novel Angiographic Classification of Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy and Impact on 5-Year Visual Outcomes
Colin S. Tan, MD
Coauthor: Wei Kiong Ngo, MBBS

Session: 1-H INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Complications
In-the-Bag IOL Dislocation: Comparison of Presentation Characteristics and Surgical Outcomes in Eyes With and Without CTR
Betty Lorente, MD
Coauthors: Ramón Lorente, MD, PhD, Victoria de Rojas, MD, PhD, Paula Vázquez de Parga, MD

Session: 1-I INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Femtosecond Laser
Efficacy and Safety of Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Lens Surgery With 2 Personal Interfaces
Fritz Hengerer, MD
Coauthor: Thomas Kohnen, MD, PhD

Session: 1-J CORNEA Keratoconus
Mid-Stromal Isolated Bowman Layer Graft to Reduce and Stabilize Advanced Keratoconus to Postpone Penetrating or Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty
Jack Parker Jr, MD
Coauthors: Korine van Dijk, Lisanne Ham, Jessica Lie, Esther Groeneveld-van Beek,
Gerrit R. Melles, MD, PhD

Session: 1-K KERATOREFRACTIVE Surgical Techniques and Technology
Evaluation of 2 Energy Pattern Outcomes in Refractive Lenticule Extraction and Femto-LASIK
Detlev R. H. Breyer, MD
Coauthors: Hakan Kaymak, MD, Karsten Klabe, MD, Corinna Pohl, PhD

Session: 1-L GLAUCOMA Surgical
Comparison of Combined Cataract Surgery With Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent Versus Ab-Interno Micro-Cautery Trabeculotomy
Michelle Khan, BSc(Hons)
Coauthors: Hady Saheb, MD, MPH, Arvind Neelakantan, MD, FRCOphth, Ronald L. Fellman, MD, Zachary D. Vest, MD, Paul J. Harasymowycz, MD, Ike K. Ahmed, MD

Session: 2-A INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Phaco Techniques and Technology
Efficiency of Micropulse On-Time Duty Cycle Settings
Jeff H. Pettey, MD
Coauthors: Randall J. Olson, MD, William R. Barlow, MD, Brian E. Zaugg, MD, Brian C. Stagg, MD, Kevin Kirk, Cecinio Ronquillo Jr., PhD, Jason D. Jensen, Mohammed A. Farukhi, Isha Gupta

Session: 2-B INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Power Calculations, Biometry, Imaging
Intraocular Lens Power Selection After RK: Topography, Manual, and Partial Coherence Interferometry Keratometry Results Using Haigis Formula
Harry S. Geggel, MD

Session: 2-C INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Presbyopia–Correcting IOLs
Visual Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction After Implantation of Multifocal Sulcus IOL
Victor A. Antunes, MD

Technique for Ocular Surface Reconstruction With Keratolimbal Allograft for Recurrent Symblepharon
Nancy Lee, MD
Coauthor: Marjan Farid, MD

Session: 2-E KERATOREFRACTIVE Keratoconus, CXL, Rings
Intracorneal Insertion of Biocompatible Material for Treatment of Bullous Keratopathy
Ioannis G. Pallikaris, MD, PhD
Coauthors: George D. Kymionis, MD, PhD, Argyro D. Plaka, MD, MSc, Michael A. Grentzelos, MD, Harilaos Ginis, PhD, Sophia I. Panagopoulou, PhD, Miltiadis Tsilimbaris

Outcome of Iris-Claw Anterior Chamber Versus Scleral-Fixated Posterior Chamber IOL for Management of Ectopia Lentis
Adel E. El-Layeh, MD

Session: 2-G INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Phaco Techniques and Technology
Comparative Thermal Characterization of Phacoemulsification Probes Operated in Elliptical, Torsional, and Longitudinal Ultrasound Modalities
Jaime Zacharias, MD

New Toric Devices to Mark Narrow Lid Eyes
Takayuki Akahoshi, MD

Session: 2-I INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Femtosecond Laser
Electron Microscopy of Laser Capsulotomy Edge: Inter-Platform Comparison
Chandra Bala, PhD, MBBS(Hons)

Session: 2-J CORNEA Dry Eye Management
Novel Therapy for Patients With Moderate to Severe Dry-Eye Disease: Topical IL-1 Receptor Blocker
Michael H. Goldstein, MD
Coauthors: Jennifer L. Agahigian, Gregory Zarbis-Papastoitsis, PhD, Kathryn Golden,
Joseph T. Kovalchin, PhD, Eric Furfine, PhD

Session: 2-K KERATOREFRACTIVE Presbyopia–Correcting
Effect of Age and Refraction in Presbyopic Patients Implanted With Transparent Shape-Changing Corneal Inlay
Beatrice Cochener, MD, PhD

Session: 2-L GLAUCOMA Surgical
Single-Stab Trabeculectomy: New Technique for Glaucoma Filtering Surgery for Minimizing Scar Induction and Bleb Failure
Kala Satish, MD
Coauthors: Soosan Jacob, FRCS, MS, Amar Agarwal, FRCS

Session: 2-M INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Challenging Cases
Retrospective Study of Visual Outcomes and Complications After Sutureless, Flapless, and Glueless Intrascleral Fixation of Posterior Chamber IOL in Cases With Inadequate Capsule Support
Prabhu Vijayaraghavan, MS, FICO
Coauthors: Kalpana Narendran, DNB, Saravanan Verrappan, DNB

Managing Irregular Corneal Astigmatism and Pseudophakic Presbyopia With Novel Small-Aperture Intraocular Implant
Claudio C. Trindade, MD

Session: 2-O INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Medications
Randomized Controlled Trial of Efficacy of Povidone-Iodine in Reducing Bacterial Load Prior to Surgery After Premedication With Gel Versus Drops
Joshua C. Teichman, MD, MPH
Coauthors: Michael Ying Kit Mak, BHSc, Nina Ahuja, MD, FRCSC, Dalia M. Eino, MD, Varun Chaudhary, MD, FRCSC

Session: 2-P CORNEA Rings and Crosslinking
Corneal Collagen Crosslinking Oxygen Dependency
Arthur Hammer, MD
Coauthors: Olivier Richoz, MD, Samuel Arba Mosquera, PhD, Zisis Gatzioufas, MD, Farhad Hafezi, MD, PhD

Session: 2-Q KERATOREFRACTIVE Surgical Techniques and Technology
Military Target Identification After Wavefront-Guided and Wavefront-Optimized PRK
Richard Stutzman, MD
Coauthors: Rose Kristine C. Sia, MD, Denise S. Ryan, MS, Tana Maurer, Edward W. Trudo, MD,
Kraig S. Bower, MD

Session: 2-R KERATOREFRACTIVE Complications
Role of Percentage of Tissue Altered as Risk Factor for Ectasia After LASIK in Eyes With Normal Preoperative Topography
Marcony R. Santhiago, MD, PhD
Coauthors: David Smadja, MD, Glauco H. Reggiani Mello, MD, J. Bradley Randleman, MD

Session: 3-A INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Phaco Techniques and Technology
(2 winners)
Comparison of Incision Integrity and Morphological Features After IOL Implantation With 3 Injector Devices: Randomized Clinical Trial
Vaishali Vasavada, MS
Coauthors: Abhay R. Vasavada, MS, FRCS, Shetal M. Raj, MS, Viraj Vasavada, MS, Samaresh Srivastava, DNB

Determining Optimal Longitudinal Power Setting for Torsional Phacoemulsification Using Ex Vivo Bovine Lens Model
Brian E. Zaugg, MD
Coauthors: Cecinio Ronquillo Jr., PhD, Kevin Kirk, Brian C. Stagg, MD, Jeff H. Pettey, MD,
William R. Barlow, MD, Mohammed A. Farukhi, Isha Gupta, Randall J. Olson, MD

Outcomes of Toric IOL Implantation in Keratoconus Patients Using Intraoperative Aberrometer System
Darcy H. Wolsey, MD, MPH
Coauthors: David J. Felsted, BS, Robert J. Cionni, MD

Session: 3-C CORNEA Pterygium, Adhesives, Medications
Effect of TSG-6 on Corneal Inflammation After Alkali Injury
Samuel F.A. Fulcher, MD
Coauthors: Joo Youn Oh, MD, PhD, Roxanne L. Reger, MS, Hosoon Choi, Darwin J. Prockop, MD, PhD, Ji Min Yu

Session: 3-D KERATOREFRACTIVE Surgical Techniques and Technology
Customized Hinge Elliptical Versus Circular Flaps Using Femto-LASIK for Correction of Compound Myopic Astigmatism
Damien Gatinel, MD
Coauthors: Alain Saad, MD, Emmanuel Guilbert, MD, Alice Grise-Dulac, MD, Jean Luc Febbraro, MD

 Session: 3-E KERATOREFRACTIVE Surgical Techniques and Technology
Ocular Surface Analysis After Small-Incision Lenticule Extraction
Elise Landman, MD
Coauthors: Liem Trinh, MD, Jean-François Faure, MD, Christophe Baudouin, MD, PhD

Session: 3-F INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Phaco Techniques and Technology
Short-Term Results of New Surgical Technique for Intrascleral Fixation Using Catheter Needles: Lock and Lead Technique
Masayuki Akimoto, MD, PhD
Coauthors: Hogara Taguchi, MD, Kohei Takayama, MD, PhD, Satoko Nakagawa, MD,
Kano Hiroi, MD, PhD, Kaori Ishii, MD

Session: 3-G INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Presbyopia–Correcting IOLs
Long-Term Uveal and Capsular Biocompatibility of New Accommodating IOL
Justin Kohl, MD
Coauthors: Joshua R. Ford, MD, Scott C. Cole, MD, Shail A. Vasavada, MD, Liliana Werner, MD, PhD, Nick Mamalis, MD, Gareth Gardiner, BS

Effect of IOL Selection on Driving Habits
George H. Beiko, BM BCh, FRCSC

Session: 3-I CORNEA Surgical Techniques and Technology
Descemet Rejection Index: Novel Index for Diagnosis of Corneal Graft Rejection
Mohamed Abou Shousha, MD, PhD
Coauthors: Matthew Council, MD, Sean L. Edelstein, MD, Andrew T. Melson, BA, Sonia H. Yoo, MD, Victor L. Perez, MD

Session: 3-J KERATOREFRACTIVE Presbyopia
Factors Affecting Visual Acuity Outcomes in Corneal Inlay Patients
Perry S. Binder, MS, MD

Session: 3-K GLAUCOMA
Comparison of Argon-Laser Peripheral Iridoplasty and Medical Therapy in Immediate Treatment of Acute Primary Angle Closure
Chelvin Sng, MBBChir, FRCSEd

Session: 3-L INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Complications
Lens Epithelial Cell Growth on 2 Hydrophobic IOL Anterior Optical Components
Guy Kleinmann, MD
Coauthors: Tamir Weinberg, MD, David Zadok, MD

Session: 3-M INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Power Calculations
Influence of OVD Use on Intraoperative Aberrometry
Samuel Masket, MD
Coauthor: Nicole R. Fram, MD

Session: 3-N INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Presbyopia–Correcting IOLs
Comparison of Visual Outcomes of 2 Trifocal IOLs
Eduardo F. Marques, MD
Coauthor: Tiago B. Ferreira, MD

Session: 3-O CORNEA Crosslinking
Initial Clinical Experience of Topography Customized CXL Applications for Myopic, Hyperopic, and Presbyopic Refractive Corneal Change
A. John Kanellopoulos, MD

Session: 3-P KERATOREFRACTIVE Surgical Techniques and Technology
Biomechanical Changes Pre- and Post-Flapless Femto Refractive Procedure and Femto-LASIK by Assessment of Corneal Deformation Response
Moones F. Abdalla, MD
Coauthors: Osama S. Ibrahim, MD, PhD, Ahmed A. El-Massry, MD

Session: 3-Q INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Iris Repair and PCO
Long-Term Uveal and Capsular Biocompatibility and Stability of New Disc-Shaped IOL After Nd:YAG Posterior Capsulotomy
Joshua R. Ford, MD
Coauthors: Justin Kohl, MD, Scott C. Cole, MD, Gareth Gardiner, BS, Shail A. Vasavada, MD,
Liliana Werner, MD, PhD, Nick Mamalis, MD

Session: 4-A KERATOREFRACTIVE Topography, Keratometry, Pachymetry
Corneal Enantiomorphism in Normal and Keratoconus Eyes
Alain Saad, MD
Coauthors: Emmanuel Guilbert, MD, Alice Grise-Dulac, MD, Jean Luc Febbraro, MD,
Damien Gatinel, MD

Session: 4-B INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Astigmatism Management
Long-Term Astigmatism Outcomes With UV-Light-Adjustable IOL
Fritz Hengerer, MD
Coauthors: H. Burkhard Dick, MD, Ina Conrad-Hengerer, MD

Predictability of Postoperative Corneal Astigmatism in DMEK: Advisability of Toric IOL Implantation at Time of DMEK
Peter B. Veldman, MD
Coauthors: Michael D. Straiko, MD, Zachary M. Mayko, MS, Cor van Zyl, FC Ophth (SA),
Mark A. Terry, MD

Session: 4-D CORNEA Endothelial Cell Count, Corneal Anatomy
Keratoconus and Keratoconus Suspect Classification Modeling Using Scanning-Slit Videokeratography
Mujtaba A. Qazi, MD
Coauthors: Pete Kollbaum, OD, PhD, Michael D. Twa, OD, PhD, Cynthia J. Roberts, PhD,
Jay S. Pepose, MD, PhD, Ashraf M. Mahmoud, BS

Session: 4-F CORNEA Pathology, Biomechanics
Characterization of Corneal Features in Ocular Graft Versus Host Disease by in Vivo Confocal Microscopy
Tudor C. Tepelus, PhD
Coauthors: Gloria B. Chiu, OD, Jyotsna Maram, PhD, Vikas Chopra, MD, Olivia L. Lee, M

Session: 4-G INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Power Calculations
Preop Prediction and Postop Determination of Actual Lens Position for Bi-Aspheric IOL Using High-Frequency Ultrasound: Final Results
Paul J. Harton Jr, MD, PharmD
Coauthor: Jack T. Holladay, MD, MSEE

Optimized Phakic IOL Calculations
John R. Moran, MD, PhD

Session: 4-I INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Femtosecond Laser
Minimizing Complications in Intumescent White Cataracts: Comparison of Manual and Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Capsulotomy
Ina Conrad-Hengerer, MD
Coauthors: H. Burkhard Dick, MD, Thomas Kohnen, MD, PhD, Fritz Hengerer, MD

Session: 4-J INTRAOCULAR SURGERY Presbyopia–Correcting IOLs
Elimination of Hazy Vision: Diffractive IOL Insertion With Posterior Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis
Masayuki Ouchi, MD, PhD