ASCRS Ophthalmology Hall of Fame Online Nominations


ASCRS Ophthalmology Hall of Fame was created by ASCRS in 1999 to honor ophthalmology's pioneers. In the past 18 years, 59 outstanding ophthalmologists have been chosen for induction, by their peers. The ASCRS Hall of Fame Awards and Induction Ceremony will take place at the ASCRS• ASOA Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 14, in Washington, DC. Register today to attend.

Who will enter the ASCRS Ophthalmology Hall of Fame in 2018? You decide. Please complete the form below to nominate your candidate for the class of 2018. The criteria for induction are 25 or more years of scholarly achievement—and at least one solid, defining contribution to ophthalmology in clinical practice, research, education, invention, or humanitarian work.

1999–2017 Members of the ASCRS Ophthalmology Hall of Fame

David J. Apple, MD
Danièle S. Aron-Rosa, MD
Endre A. Balazs, MD
Joaquin Barraquer, MD
José I. Barraquer, MD
Bernard Becker, MD
Cornelius D. Binkhorst, MD
Alan C. Bird, MD
Frederick C. Blodi, MD
Louis Braille
Ramon Castroviejo, MD
Paul A. Chandler, MD
David G. Cogan, MD
Jacques Daviel, MD
Claes H. Dohlman, MD, PhD
Stewart Duke-Elder, FRS
Vladimir Petrovich Filatov, MD
Judah Folkman, MD
Jules Francois, MD
Jonas S. Friedenwald, MD

Ernst Fuchs, MD
Svyatoslav N. Fyodorov, MD
J. Donald M. Gass, MD
Hans Goldmann, MD
Jules Gonin, MD
W. Morton Grant, MD
Allvar Gullstrand, MD
Jack T. Holladay, MD, MSEE, FACS
William F. Hoyt, MD
Norman S. Jaffe, MD
Charles D. Kelman, MD
Carl Koller, MD
Richard P. Kratz, MD, DSci
Robert Machemer, MD
Dame Ida C. Mann, FRCS, FRACS, FRACO
A. Edward Maumenee, MD
Gerd Meyer-Schwickerath, MD
Saiichi Mishima, MD
Edward W.D. Norton, MD
Marshall M. Parks, MD

Arnall Patz, MD
Gholam A. Peyman, MD
Gullapalli N. Rao, MD
Algernon B. Reese, MD
Harold Ridley, FRS
Charles L. Schepens, MD
Alan B. Scott, MD
Theo Seiler, MD, PhD
Robert M. Sinskey, MD
Alfred Sommer, MD
Jules Stein, MD
Steven Trokel, MD
Govindappa Venkataswamy, MD
Frederick H. Verhoeff, MD
Albrecht von Graefe, MD
Hermann von Helmholtz, MD
Gunter K. von Noorden, MD
Frank B. Walsh, MD
Lorenz E. Zimmerman, MD

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