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Beauty is in the Eye of the Cosmetic Wearer -- part 1

By: Laura M. Periman, MD

Podcast Number 371
Article Discussed:
Laura M. Periman, MD and Leslie E. O’Dell, OD
When Beauty Doesn’t Blink: we look at exacerbators of ocular surface disease that lurk on product abels in cosmetics bags.... more

Boris Malyugin and Adi Abulafia at ASCRS 2017

By: Boris Malyugin, MD, PhD

Podcast Number 370
Boris Malyugin, MD, PhD
Professor of Ophthalmology
Department of Cataract & Implant Surgery
Deputy Director General 
S.Fyodorov Eye... more

IOL Scaffold and IOL Gluing for Capsular Rupture

By: Priya Narang, MS

Podcast Number 369
Paper Discussed: 
Narang P, Agarwal A
A Triumvirate of Techniques for Sinking Nucleus In Deficient Sulcus Support 
Manuscript under review

... more

The Future of MIGS at ASCRS 2017

By: Arsham Sheybani, MD

Podcast Number 368
Arsham Sheybani, MD
Assistant Professor
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Washington University School of Medicine
St Louis, MO

Devesh Varma, MD
Assistant Professor... more

ROCK the Endothelium

By: Greg Moloney, MD

Podcast Number 367
Paper Discussed: 
Moloney G, Petsoglou C, Ball M, Kerdraon Y, Höllhumer R, Spiteri N, Beheregaray S, Hampson J, DʼSouza M, Devasahayam RN.
Descemetorhexis Without Grafting for Fuchs... more

IOL Selection for Patients with Irregular Corneas at the 2017 ASCRS Symposium and Congress

By: Ehud Assia, MD

Podcast Number 366
Ehud Assia, MD
Professor of Ophthalmology 
Tel-Aviv University Medical School
Tel-Aviv, Israel

... more

CMV Endotheliitis

By: Jodhbir Mehta, MD

Podcast Number 365
Papers Discussed:
Ang M, Sng CC, Chee SP, Tan DT, Mehta JS. 
Outcomes of corneal transplantation for irreversible corneal decompensation secondary to... more

New Glaucoma Medications and Stabilizing the Capsular Bag at the 2017 Surgical Summit

By: Garry Condon, MD

Podcast Number 364
Garry Condon, M.D.
Pittsburgh, PA

Robert J. Cionni, M.D.
Salt Lake City, UT

Tissue Glues for Pterygium Surgery

By: Guy J. Ben Simon, MD

Podcast Number 363
Paper Discussed:
Zloto O, Greenbaum E, Fabian ID, Ben Simon GJ.
Evicel versus Tisseel versus Sutures for Attaching Conjunctival Autograft in Pterygium... more

CMV Endotheliitis and Pterygium Outcomes at The 2016 Asia Cornea Society

By: Jodhbir Mehta, MD

Podcast Number 362
 Jodhbir Mehta, MD
Associate Professor, Head of Cornea External Disease, Senior Consultant in Refractive Surgery
Singapore National Eye Centre

Alvin L. Young, MD 
Chief... more